A significant share of ASIC annual turnover is invested in Research & Development (R&D) activities.

The ASIC team notices “State of the art” Embedded Systems, Integrated Development Environments, Visual Development tools aiming to create powerful, simple and robust hardware and software products.

Programming the safety requires up-to-date technology and deep knowledge of our instruments.
As the reliability and ergonomics of our products are critical issues, R&D plays a strategic role in the company’s development process.

Safety Management Configuration Console (SMCC)

The SMCS is a pool of programs, documents, drawings, databases, configuration files, using different formats often generated by third party tools.
These files must be deployed to on board computers safely, allowing unplugged workstations or mobile devices to update themselves when required.

The “Safety Management Configuration Console” (SMCC) forms a framework to control the building process of SMCS, suppling components templates, import/exports macros and utilities.
Using SMCC, the SMCS project is checked against missing information and components. The project “data center” is always updated and the building and deployment activities greatly simplified.
The graphic pages and related field symbols can be previewed, the location and size of elements can be modified in WYSIWYG way (“what you see is what you get”).