Decision Support System (DSS)

The DSS supplies the operator with the full guidance to the current emergency, according to the Company’s rules: dynamic and interactive checklists and the associated “kill cards” provide full management of an incident by requesting action to be taken and by monitoring the status of various sensors and devices.

  • Checklists include the specific actions to carry out for a given problem, in a specific room and for well-defined conditions of the ship. They include decision point questions, where the operator answer will expand the next branch flow.
  • The DSS submits manual actions, which the operator should execute and check, or automatic actions, activated and controlled via the SMCS.
  • Special “Permit to Work” checklists help to maintain the overall evidence about working teams position, state, permit expiration, etc.

The “permit to work” benefits from the DSS capability to track and list more checklists at the same time, propose helping instructions, popup warning messages, open specific documents, produce clear reports with dedicated spaces for responsible signatures.

Technical contacts
ASIC – e.cafiso@asic.it

Business contacts
Martec – v.deval@martec.it