Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS)

Designed to operate on military vehicles and other kinds of operative vehicles (e.g. tanker) in case of hydrocarbon destructive fires or explosions, the Automatic Fire Sensing and Suppression (AFSS) system is critical to save the lives of crew and protect high value equipment.

AFSS is composed by Microdata’s multi-spectrum infrared sensors, Martec’s fast fire extinguishers and ASIC’s control units, which detect and suppress high-speed fire and explosions.

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  • Control unit filters the fire signals and activates high-speed solenoid valves in less than 15ms
  • After the activation, one or more suppressors can disperse the extinguishing agent in less than 100ms
  • Highspeed rising fire can be suppressed in less than 250ms
  • This early suppression avoids the increase in temperature and pressure within the compartment and reduces the formation of harmful gases to a value tolerable by the staff

AFSS system components have been qualified through extensive live fire tests carried out by the Department of the Navy of the Italian Ministry of Defence. During this campaign, response and suppression times have been recorded and validated using non-Halon, zero ODP (ozone depletion potential), one GWP (global warming potential) extinguishing agent, fully compliant with Montreal Protocol and F-Gas European regulation.

Technical contacts
ASIC – d.dalu@asic.it

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Martec – p.bona@martec.it