Damage Control System (DCS)

Improving the safety capabilities of SMCS, the DCS is specifically designed for Italian Navy to support the operators in managing emergencies on board, also in off-line conditions.
The off-line features allow to give “not real-time” information locally, synchronizing data with the main system as the connectivity becomes available.

The integrated Decision Support System (DSS) provides a coded aid, presenting to the damage control operator the most appropriate operational procedure (check list) for the specific emergency condition and supporting him in the execution of the procedure.

  • Check Lists to support Damage control operator in the execution of emergency procedures
  • Automatic Check List selection, according to:
  • Emergency type (fire, flooding, harmful fluids leak, NBC, etc.)
  • Ship’s area (engine rooms, galleys, etc.)
  • Optionally, ship’s operational role (combat, navigation, harbour, etc.)
  • Automatic link to DCS actions.
  • Controlled flow chart execution.
  • Reporting.

Check Lists can be designed by the Navy itself (according to its own standard) with a special software tool.

Check Lists are selected considering the following information:

  • Kind of emergency. Fire and flooding and NBC are considered as typical emergency conditions, but the system can be configured for any condition where an operational procedure is defined (e.g. helicopter crash).
  • Location of the emergency on board. The procedure can be tuned to the type of area and even to its specific location on the ship (e.g. special actions should be envisaged for compartments near ammunition or missile lockers).
  • Operational mode of the ship: harbour, navigation, combat. This is an optional parameter, which may be considered in the DSS configuration.

Technical contacts
ASIC – a.turati@asic.it

Business contacts
Martec – g.griva@martec.it