Test Set 3G (TS3G)

To allow effective maintenance and ensure the proper verification of installed AFSS systems, ASIC designs and produces also portable wireless test equipment: a case for heavy use which encloses the battery charger, some extinguisher simulators and the fire simulator/concentrator.

  • The battery charger can also configure the simulators and allows downloading the test results via a USB connection.
  • The operator must simply detach the extinguishers from the cables of the central unit and substitute them with the extinguisher simulators.
  • The display of the fire simulation probe requests the operator to activate each sensor in sequence and checks if the appropriate extinguishers are activated in the correct time sequence.
  • After any test, the equipment will briefly report a Pass/Not Pass result. The logs of the faults can be downloaded later on by connecting the test equipment to the battery charger.

Technical contacts
ASIC – d.dalu@asic.it

Business contacts
Martec – p.bona@martec.it