Safety Management & Control System (SMCS)

The SMCS is designed for crisis management on cruise and merchant ships, supporting the operators in managing the safety during various phases of the emergency, from the initial alarm to the event resolution.

SMCS is a modular set of collaborating and communicating components achieving a functional integration of all safety sub-systems on board.

  • Remote monitoring and control of all safety equipment and subsystems (i.e. Fire Detection System, Emergency Shutdown System, Watertight Doors and Valves System, etc.), with a hierarchical alarm management;
  • Distributed system made of operator workstations, multi-touch tactical tables, wall screens and mobile devices
  • Fail safe system, compliant to maritime cyber security guidelines
  • Integration of all the safety information in a single Man Machine Interface
  • Vector based representation of the ship’s General Arrangement Plan (GAP) on which all plots are performed; (more selectable) layers to display ship systems information
  • Electronic Incident Board (EIB) to draw on GAP events, actions, support teams position and more
  • Decision Support System (DSS): checklists and kill cards to provide support in managing incident
  • DSS SRtP (Safe Return to Port) extension for Smartphone.
  • Embedded CCTV with automatic popup of relevant cameras
  • On board training to provide the best training environment for operators to learn, practice and validate damage control procedures and scenarios

Man Machine Interface
The Man Machine Interface (MMI) of SMCS allows the complete and synthetic evaluation of the ship safety for a true Integrated Monitoring and Control.

  • The interactive Ship Profile allows the immediate identification of the affected areas of the ship, as well as to select and open a deck/zone with a simple click
  • The alarm list can be sorted and filtered; each item can be shown in the actual position on GAP
  • Vector based representation of Ship General Arrangement Plan (GAP)
  • Equipment graphic symbols are selected and shown by “Safety Categories” organization
  • Pan and Zoom capabilities across whole decks give no limit to details, text and custom viewing
  • Additional graphic layers are selectable, showing Fire Plan, Escape Routes, Electric cablings, Fuel pipes, etc.
  • Up to 15 zones of the ship can be shown simultaneously in separate windows
  • Functional views (like ventilation and piping diagrams) help if necessary to identify the function of all safety objects

Clicking (or touching) a symbol, its property window is shown. Where applicable, this window includes actual and trend analog values indication.

Technical contacts
ASIC – a.turati@asic.it

Business contacts
Martec – v.deval@martec.it